Thermoplastic powder

Thermoplastic powder based on low density polyethylene (LDPE) with various functional additives for superb adhesion strength to parts. Normally, they are extensively used to cover domestic and industrial wire goods-that is because they provide a smooth and attractive finish coating which is hard to enough to withstand tough wear and tear.

Fluid bed coating.

APPLICATION:this series powder coating are mainly used on the surface coating of metal products. such as home appliances, indoor and outdoor facilities, garden facilities, hardware, pipeline, etc.

PACKAGE AND STORAGE: packing in braid bags or kraft paper bag outside, inside with plastic bag, maintain the integrity of packing bags to keep the products from contaminating or damping, the net weight is 25kg.This products should be stored in dry and clean room with good ventilation and with the temperature lower than 35 centigrade, not close to fire and heat and keep away from direct sunlight.