Black Iron Wire


We offer Black Iron Wire with two types basically:
black drawn iron wire and soft black annealed iron wire.
Black drawn iron wire is a kind of hard drawn
carbon steel wire, suitable for mesh weaving, fencing,
iron nail, galvanizing or tying applications.
Black annealed wire is mostly used in construction
or daily use as binding materials.
Material:Super quality low carbon 
steel wire or iron wire rod. 
Features:Oil painted against rust,low cost and economy.
Weaving method:Black drawn wire: 
wire-drawing — coiling or cutting — anti-rust oil spraying 
Annealed wire: wire-drawing — annealing — coiling or cutting — 
anti-rust oil spraying
Other:coil wire,big package,cut and U type wire availabl

Black hard drawn wire is is formed via the process of wire-drawing, coiling, and anti-rust oil spraying. The black drawn wire is more economic compared with annealed wire, it is a kind of hard drawn carbon steel wire, which is a suitable material of iron nail, wire mesh, craftwork, and so on. Besides black drawn wire is also used in construction or daily use as binding material.


Soft annealed wire is obtained by means of thermal annealing. It is made of black hard drawn wire. black annealed wire is produced through the following steps: 1, wire-drawing, 2, anneal, 3, coiling 4, anti-rust oil spraying. Meantime black annealed wire can processed into coil wire, spool wire, big package wire or further straightened and cut into cut wire or U type wire. Black Annealed Wire offers excellent flexibility and softness through the process of oxygen free annealing. It is widely used as tie wire or baling wire in construction and daily binding.


Let us check the product details as follows:
Wire Guage: BWG8 ~ BWG34

Wire Diameter: 4mm ~ 0.18mm

Tensile Strength: 500~980 N/mm2

Coil weight: 25kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg in normal coils 400~500 Kg or by Z2, Z3 coils

Types: Black soft annealed wire & Bright soft annealed wire .

Diameter: BWG16, 18#, 19#, 20#, 22#, are the most popular sizes for sale

Packing: 1, One coil weighted 10-800kg is packed in the wax paper or PVC bags then gunny cloth. 2, wrapped with PE film inside, outside PVC woven cloth or Hessian cloth. 3, can be put on wooden pallet. 4, according to the customer’s requirement.
Standard Black Iron Wire fall in grades as follows:

Sizes of Black Iron Wire:
Wire Gauge SWG in mm BWG in mm In Metric System mm
8# 4.06 4.19 4.00
9# 3.66 3.76
10# 3.25 3.40 3.50
11# 2.95 3.05 3.00
12# 2.64 2.77 2.80
13# 2.34 2.41 2.50
14# 2.03 2.11
15# 1.83 1.83 1.80
16# 1.63 1.65 1.65
17# 1.42 1.47 1.40
18# 1.22 1.25 1.20
19# 1.02 1.07 1.00
20# 0.91 0.89 0.90
21# 0.81 0.813 0.80
22# 0.71 0.711 0.70
23# to 34# also available for Black Iron Wire.